Backend development services

Backend development involves storing, processing, and transmitting data on the server-side to share data between different devices and applications, such as browsers, desktops, phones, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.


Here are some features available as a part of the backend web development services

Best practise - Striving for flexibility and maintainability by putting best software engineering practices into practice, following principles in OOP (Object-oriented programming), FP (Functional programming), MVC (Model–view–controller) architecture, REST and GraphQL.

Containerised - Speed up app deployment & reliability by building applications in containerised technology.

Abstracted - Speed up app development and swap old technology for new with ORMs (Object-relational mapping) tools and techniques.

Microservices - Enable your web application to scale by separating your app into multiple specialised systems that work seamlessly together as one.

Custom - Recieve custom-built, bespoke APIs made to measure for your business needs.

Versioned - Receive code that can be tracked and rolled back using version control tools.

Test-driven – Improve stability and reliability by building with Test-Driven Development (TDD) techniques. Unit, integration and end to end tests harden mission-critical web applications to reduce issues for your ever-changing and improving web application.

Type safety – Reduce issues and improve safety building with strongly typed programming—Building web applications for more reliability.

Enterprise experience – Enterprise-level web applications development experience for large corporations.

Documentation – Easy reading by professionals with well written and well-documented code.


Looking for backend development services using specific technologies? Here’s some of the core tech we use:



Cut code complexity by sharing one language between the frontend and backend, serving users at high concurrency.



Engineer apps with increased safety using Microsoft's Typescript.



Build with the highest levels of speed and safety with Mozilla’s Rust.



Bootstrap your backend development with Nest.js to hit the ground running and keep code clean.



Efficiently transfer relational data using Facebook’s GraphQL API specification.



Quickly configure web server’s that can handle high volumes of traffic.



Preserve, track and restore the different versions of your application throughout its lifecycle.

Will has had a positive impact on the projects we worked on. He brings a professional attitude and delivers on time. He is a valuable member of any team.

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