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What's a web application?

If you've ever used something like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you already know what a web application is. Unlike regular static websites, web applications change and move with interaction to allow communication, collaboration and shape data around the user.


Who needs a web application?

Suppose you have a business that needs a custom software solution to solve a particular problem, or you have an idea for an app. In that case, building a web application is one way to meet those goals.

How does it work?

#1 Discovery

First, we get to know you and your team and gather information about your project to work out what we need to solve.

#2 Design

Once we know what you want, we start designing—working with rough sketches to higher fidelity designs until we're all happy.

#3 Build

When we've agreed on what we're going to build, we begin developing the software by writing the code that makes it real.

#4 Deploy

Once the software development is complete and we're happy with it, it's time to ship it by making it live for use.


Checkout some of our previous projects and please feel free to let us know what you think. We love feedback.

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We cater for those with no technical knowledge that just need a website, to the technical who know exactly what they need.

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Will has had a positive impact on the projects we worked on. He brings a professional attitude and delivers on time. He is a valuable member of any team.

Adam Vermes

Frontend Developer at X2X Media Group


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